Sustainability trends drive buyer preference within the Cleaning Sector. This is a hyper competitive landscape, one in which effective differentiation is imperative for growth. We’ve worked closely with an indigenous cleaning equipment and solutions supplier and with a European wide professional cleaning services company.

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Tranzaura Brand Identity

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Frank Cullen, Managing Director, Clenli Direct


“Brilliant and professional. Worked with Tony and the Frawley team to rebrand our business in 2018. Not an easy task when changing how you feel about a brand. To look at this neatly edited case study does not give the re-brand process justice. For some time we knew that we had out grown our name and our loved Chemical Direct brand. But with the daily workload needing to be done it was hard for us to make the commitment to start.

Once we did the journey, it brought so many other benefits that we never thought of. Great customer engagement, renewed energy and brilliant ideas from our Clenli team. Presenting our business in a manner which we were proud of was the end result. 100% project delivered and all deadlines exceeded. The team and brand is ready for the next chapter. Thanks and wishing all the very best of luck from Clenli Direct.”


David Cullen, CEO, CCS Cleaning


“What a fantastic Irish company and we have benefited from Frawley’s expertise and his willingness to listen and understand our business.”


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