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Our strategists analyse and evaluate your business’ brand performance using our unique processes. By extracting key insights from customers, market data and trends, we offer expert recommendations on how you can revitalise your current brand or launch a new one. Our design team then transmutes your brand strategy into a visual identity that expresses your organisation’s culture and personality; one that will attract top talent and resonate with new customers.

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Organisations today are evolving at an unprecedented rate, resulting in business and brand strategy misalignment. Our team is specialised in repositioning brands, so that they are headed in the right direction. This service has been developed for business owners and senior business leaders whose brand is currently undifferentiated, inconsistent and no longer representative of the organisation’s culture, products and services today.

New Business Branding

A brand is the entire perception you wish to instil in your target market’s mind from the first day you establish your new business venture. This new brand will become your organisation’s most valuable intangible asset that will attract top talent and convert customers faster if developed correctly. We have strategically named, positioned and designed countless new brands within the Irish market that have grown rapidly within their first year.

New Solution Branding

About 95% of new products fail*. This alarming statistic reinforces the importance of correctly identifying high potential customer segments, with an unmet need, before your business introduces new products or services to the market. We have worked closely with organisations across Ireland; naming, positioning and designing new product/service brands that have gone on to achieve great success.

*Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen

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