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Repositioning an Irish Owned Surgical Solutions Company

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Client Testimonial


Vera Griffin, Managing Director

“We initially met the Frawley team to discuss a marketing project for one of our surgical solutions, but quickly realised there was a higher-level discussion to be had around our organisation’s strategic positioning in the medical device market. I was impressed with their consultative approach and how they extracted insights from our team and customers that led to the revitalisation of our brand name, visual identity and messaging. We highly recommend the branding, marketing and design services of Frawley and continue to work with the team to develop and implement go-to-market strategies for our surgical solutions.”

The Background

Premier Surgical is an Irish owned, Surgical Solutions Company that provides accessible support and world-class innovative medical devices for Urology, Gynaecology and Orthopaedic Surgeons on the island of Ireland, who seek to advance surgery and improve patients’ lives.

The Brief

Our approach for this rebranding project was to facilitate strategic brand workshops with internal stakeholders and conduct market research to understand client perceptions. Once this data was collected and analysed, key insights were extracted. We prepared strategic recommendations around the brand’s name & categorisation, strategic positioning and messaging. We then designed a distinctive brand identity to differentiate the brand from its competitors. The new look & feel was carried across key brand touchpoints.

Research & Insights

Client research delivered the following valuable insights:

Access: It was noted that Premier Surgical’s team are available longer than most, they’re quick to respond and are very approachable; it’s not all business, it’s about building long term relationships.

Support: the business facilitates educational as well as technical support; they are not pushing medical device sales, it’s about comprehensive aftercare and a strong follow up methodology.

Advancing Surgery: Premier Surgical’s purpose is to keep surgeons informed about the safest and most effective surgical methods. For the team, it’s about changing mindsets and habits faster to ensure their clients are at the cutting edge of surgery.

Brand Strategy 


Brand Naming

The word medical is defined as, “relating to medicine as distinguished from surgery”. The word surgical means, “relating to or used in surgery”. In essence, medical is generalist and surgical is specialist. 

Over 90% of the business’ solutions are focussed on bringing the latest surgical innovations to surgeons. For this reason, it was recommended that ‘Premier Medical’ changed its name to ‘Premier Surgical’.

Brand Positioning 


Utilising key insights, we proposed unifying the following two strategic positions:

1. People’s Attributes: always available, easy to talk to and fully supportive.

2. Benefit: Moving surgery forward in the right direction and progressing surgical knowledge in the field.


Positioning Message


Our objective was to surmise both positions in a compelling and memorable positioning message:


Accessible Support, Advancing Surgery


Brand Mission


Supporting Surgeons Always


Brand Vision


To consistently advance the field of surgery through world class innovations, education, training & technical support.


Brand Identity Design

We begin the design process by sketching out ideas, the strongest are refined on screen and presented to the client.  The selected option for Premier Surgical has a clearly defined concept based upon a symbol created from the capital ‘P’ of Premier.

The ‘P’ – Mutualistic Relationship

There is a high degree of brand equity in the name ‘Premier’ so we focused on creating a bespoke ‘P’ to illustrate the mutualistic relationship between the company and its surgeons. The single ‘P’ is constructed from 2 intertwined lines that represent the close connection.

The Hexagon – Surgical Precision

The ‘P’ is set within a hexagon. There are myriad of examples of hexagons occuring in nature. Bees organise their honeycomb in hexagons as it utilises the most efficient use of space. ‘The Honeycomb Conjecture’ is a mathematical theory that proved that the hexagon makes the most efficient use of space. The hexagon is significant here as it speaks to the efficiency and know-how of Premier Surgical, their precision and attention to detail in everything they do. Premier Surgical work closely with surgeons to ensure they offer the best products and training to best serve clients needs.

Typography – Open & Friendly 

The typography used is open and friendly. ‘Surgical’ has been delicately edited to show precision (the angle from the stem of the ‘i’ to the ‘l’) creates a subtle vector. Empowering red typography is complemented by the use of silver and gray. There is an opportunity to use silver foil on selected touch-points.

Brand Activation

Branding Solutions Delivered


  • Brand Audit & Analysis
  • Client Research & Insights
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Naming Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Messaging Strategy 
  • Digital Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy


  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Stationery Suite
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Exhibition Design
  • PowerPoint Presentations 


  • Customer & Employee Communications


  • Strategy Workshops

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