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Repositioning the Largest Firm of Chartered Accountants & Tax Specialists in Ireland’s Midwest

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Client Testimonial


Eoin Ryan, Partner 

“We at McKeogh Gallagher Ryan engaged Frawley to carry out a branding review. We were delighted with the outcome and the experience of working with Tony and his team. We found they had a great ability to understand our business and our clients. The process which led to a number of changes to our brand and positioning was both insightful and enjoyable. We found Tony, Kieran and Mandy at all times professional and responsive.”

The Background

With over 60 staff in four counties, McKeogh Gallagher Ryan is the largest independent firm of Chartered Accountants and Tax Specialists in the Midwest of Ireland. The firm is also a member of HLB International, connecting it to a global network of independent advisory and accounting firms.

McKeogh Gallagher Ryan was established in 2012 by Mary McKeogh, Eoin Gallagher and Eoin Ryan. Its headquarters is in the heart of Limerick City, with Midwest offices located in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary and Ennis, Co. Clare. 

The Brief

We were challenged to gain an understanding of how McKeogh Gallagher Ryan’s clients view the firm and why they choose to work with them. Once this data was collected through appropriate research methods, we developed strategic recommendations on the brand’s name and positioning.

We then brought the brand strategy to life with a bespoke brand identity design and activated the look & feel across key brand touchpoints. Subsequently, we developed a marketing strategy to target key segments and generate new leads.

Research & Insights

Market research methods were used to collect data from McKeogh Gallagher Ryan’s existing customer base. The following insights were obtained:

1. The Current brand name ‘HLB McKeogh Gallagher Ryan’ is too long; clients typically refer to the partner/associate they regularly deal with.

2. In most cases, clients don’t say ‘HLB’.

3. Unlike a ‘big four’ firm, clients like that they can develop a direct relationship with the partners; it feels more personal.

4. Clients from ‘Clune Lynch & Co’ and ‘Quinlan Houlihan’ notice they have a lot more access to partners.

5. Clients like knowing that the firm offers tax and advisory services as well as audit.

Key Differentiators


1. Accessible, partner-led, direct relationships with clients, which emphasises the importance of retaining the partner’s names in the brand name.

2. McKeogh Gallagher Ryan is the largest independent firm of chartered accountants and tax specialists in the Midwest.

3. The HQ office and its location in the heart of Limerick City.

Brand Strategy 


Brand Naming 

We recommended removing ‘HLB’ from the brand name (but retain it in designated areas like the business cards, the website’s footer etc.) as client had stated they found it too long. The name ‘McKeogh Gallagher Ryan’ is to be retained and never shortened to ‘MGR’ as research has shown clients like the personal element of dealing directly with the partners.

Brand Positioning 


Where Direct Relationships Count

The positioning message is to sit with the brand identity, communicating the firm’s differentiating ability to foster direct partner-led relationships with clients. The message also incorporates subtle marketing wordplay on the accountancy profession.

A ‘direct relationship’ is the type of relationship whereby if there is a change with one variable, then there will likely be a corresponding change in the other. It can also be referred to as a positive relationship because this corresponding change in the other variable is typically in the same direction. 

Brand Identity Design


Mathematical Symbol – ‘Greater Than’

We took inspiration from the new positioning message ‘Where Direct Relationships Count’. First, we focused on the word ‘count’, which signifies the core focus of the business; accounting. To bring this into a visual context, we began looking at concepts incorporating numbers and mathematical symbols. We chose the concept of the ‘greater than’ sign; as engaging with McKeogh Gallagher Ryan ensures greater business outcomes for clients.

Forward Direction – ‘Pointing Arrow’

Secondly, we also wanted to incorporate the meaning of ‘direct’ within this concept, which signifies the business’ key differentiator; the direct relationship clients feel like they can have with the names over the door. Therefore the ‘greater than’ sign also acts as an arrow, pointing clients in a forward direction, guided by the firm’s partners.

Brand Activation

Marketing Solutions Delivered


  • Brand Audit & Analysis
  • Client Research & Insights
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Naming Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Strategy


  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Stationery Suite
  • Graduate Brochure
  • External Office Signage
  • Social Media Brand Activation
  • Exhibition Design
  • Digital Signage Design
  • PowerPoint Presentations


  • Video Storyboarding
  • Corporate Video Scripting


  • Strategy Workshops
  • Go to Market Strategy
  • Employee Engagement

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