Drawn to Difference™

Our experienced design team bring brand and marketing strategies to life in the form of distinctive design across impactful marketing touchpoints and captivating  environments. Whether it is an organisational rebrand you’re seeking or a redesign of your product packaging, we have an innate ability to inspire an emotional connection with evocative visual communications. See how our design services below can improve your marketing performance.

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Our Design Services


Are you clear on your marketing strategy but lack the specialism of a brand identity designer? Is your logo keeping your business stuck in the past or don’t have one at all? Our Head of Design has over 20 years of experience understanding our clients’ specific requirements and designing distinctive logos that incorporate bespoke meaning, typography, symbology and colour palettes.

Branded Business Suite

‘Signify’ is our service that brands your entire business suite, ensuring you are ‘dressed for dinner’ on all brand touch points such as letterheads, powerpoint templates, social media graphics and email signatures. We’re often amazed by how many businesses invest in an excellent logo to see it diminished with poor brand activation. Don’t make the same mistake!

Branded Environments

Brands shouldn’t just sit on screen or paper, they are an experience to be lived by your employees and customers. Our design team has the ability to ‘magnify’ your branding to draw customers to your stand at trade exhibitions, to your premises with building signage as well as engaging employees within your branded work environment.

Marketing Collateral

Is your marketing collateral confusing prospects with too much information, mixed messaging and an off brand look and feel? It’s hard enough selling without ineffective sales aids, brochures or pocket folders, so why send your team out with touchpoints that make their job harder? Our ‘solidify’ service delivers documents that hit the mark, meaning your team can hit their targets.


People buy brands, not products or services. Once this is understood you’re halfway to a successful launch. The other half is ‘personifying’ your brand via ‘packaging’ i.e. your 24hr salesperson. Our designers are specialists at making key decisions around this critical touchpoint, designing graphics, form and materiality that is functional, effective and convenient.