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Client Testimonial


Tess Stanford, Creative Director 

“I consulted with Frawley Branding to establish a company name, a brand, positioning statement and website design.

The team set out to help define my brand personality and worked that into a visual identity that would represent the values of my practice offering. The process was collaborative and also fun. The result was a brand mark & positioning statement that captured the essence of my unique approach to high end commercial interiors.

Having a brand that differentiates your offering and encompasses your superior performing aspects can only come about by wholly understanding who and what you are. Thank you to the Frawley Branding team and their process for enabling this. The positive impact since launching speaks for itself.”

The Brief 

When we started to develop the brief, we identified keywords and phrases extracted from market research such as ‘professional’, ‘detail oriented’, ‘creative designer’, but they all say this.

We needed to focus on Tess Stanford’s true differentiators such as, ‘innate creativity and inspired by nature’, ‘unique perspective’, ‘London trained with international design and commercial experience’, they don’t all say this. With this in mind, we needed to develop a Positioning Statement which differentiates Tess Stanford from competing interior architecture businesses.

Brand Mission 

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it, we needed uncover Tess Stanford’s why, how and what to communicate the brand’s mission:


Inspired by nature’s balance of form and function, Tess shares her innate ability and love of being able to stimulate the senses through meticulously designed spaces that captivate.


With humility and a unique perspective, coupled with international design and commercial experience.


Tess takes a client-centered approach and intuitively interprets every project, to create beautiful spaces that stimulate the senses.

Brand Name & Positioning 

In order to clearly define what Theresa Stanford does we have retained ‘Interior Architects’ in the brand name.

From research, we discovered that Theresa takes a very personal and client-centered approach in creating beautiful environments and we have recognised this by incorporating ‘Tess’ into the name. With such a passion to create beautiful environments that stimulate the senses, Tess has an innate creativity and unique perspective which is heavily influenced by her surroundings.

Introducing the following positioning highlights nature’s influence but also recognises Tess’s natural-born instinct to create beautiful spaces:



Brand Identity Design 

People have taken inspiration from nature for centuries. More specifically, architects and artists alike have used the golden rectangle / golden ratio of 1:1.618 to achieve balance and harmony in creating aesthetically pleasing constructs.

This golden ratio can be found in patterns in nature (including the spiral arrangement of leaves and sea shells) and in architecture and paintings such as the Parthenon and the Mona Lisa.

With such an innate ability to create beautiful interiors, we have used the golden ratio as the boundary in which the brand identity sits. The font is a bespoke piece of typography with beautiful soft curves supported by strong stems and diagonal strokes.

We have also introduced delicate linear elements within some of the characters, recognising the uncompromising attention to detail.

The client requested a bespoke wallpaper graphic that was distinct and innately hers. This design was derived from the typography’s soft curves, stepped and repeated to create a linear and balanced finish. The wallpaper permeates the brand’s touch points, including the website and stationery suite.

Brand Activation

Solutions Delivered

Brand Strategy 


  • Customer segmentation & profiling
  • Market research & analysis
  • Strategic brand workshops
  • Brand mission
  • Brand personality
  • Brand truths
  • Brand Positioning

Brand Development 


  • Brand identity design
  • Brand identity guidelines
  • Marketing strategy
  • Website strategy and design
  • Full suite of stationery
  • E-marketing strategy

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