Twitter’s Random Tweets

Twitter has begun rolling out a feature where tweets from accounts that you do not follow will appear in your Twitter timeline. The feature has come to light after content from other accounts were reportedly seen by users in the last number of weeks. According to Twitter, these tweets are chosen using a number of variables such as how popular it is or how people in your network are interacting with it so Frawley Branding have taken a closer look.

Twitter will identify a tweet, an account or content that is popular and relevant and share it to your Twitter timeline. The same goes for tweets that are “favourited”. You will be able to see tweets that some of your network have favourite, appear in your timeline. This feature was available in the “Discover” section of Twitter, but now it will also be a feature on the Twitter timeline.

So why are Twitter interrupting our chosen content?

Twitter has always been behind Facebook in user numbers. It is an attempt by Twitter to increase engagement between brands, consumers and like-minded users by connecting them with tweets relating to their shared interests.

What does this mean for marketers?

This decision by Twitter has opened up a whole new side to  social media marketing on Twitter. These “randomly” appearing tweets are chosen based on its relevance towards your account, tweets and interests. It opens up the door for marketers to use a range of keywords to target users who would be interested in their products.

Brands will be able to share content during live events and know that it will appear on the timeline of users who are tweeting about the same live event due to its relevance.

This move shows that Twitter are looking to the future. They understand that content sharing and engagement should be at the forefront of any social media platform and I have no doubt that this move will lead to increased engagement between users on Twitter.

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