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The Background


Futurus is an independent, Irish owned, Organisational Change Management Consultancy that are experts in engaging people when effecting change for SME business owners and senior leaders in MNCs. The company operates globally and recognise that people; their capability, behaviour and performance, are the keys to success during an era where the traditional world of work as we know it is changing.

Brand Objectives


1. Build a boutique consulting brand that will resonate with global SMEs and MNCs.

2. The brand must communicate the partner’s experience as trusted advisors who have ‘walked the walk’ and can provide objective independent advice to address these segment’s challenges.

3. Differentiate the brand from ‘HR’ or ‘Recruitment Consulting’ to avoid any potential confusion surrounding its offering.  

The Brief


We were challenged to conduct market research to understand existing client perceptions, to identify correct market categorisation and understand current industry trends. Once we collected and analysed market insights, we proposed strategic recommendations to align the branding with the business strategy. Subsequent to brand strategy’s approval, we designed a distinctive brand identity that aligned with the brand’s positioning and applied it’s look and feel across a number of key brand touchpoints.  

Brand Research & Insights

Client research unearthed a number of the following key insights:

  • The partners were perceived to have a broader scope of understanding within HR, in that it’s more strategic and comprehensive. Futurus don’t offer standardised products like some of the large HR companies.

  • Client’s viewed Futurus’ approach as unique as it offers a level of enlightenment, flexibility and the ability to disrupt.

  • As experienced partners, they’ve ‘walked the walk’ and effected change within organisations, whereas many consultants in industry have delivered change as external agents.

Brand Strategy 

Brand Name

‘Futurus People Consulting’ was the proposed business name that the partners requested us to investigate further. Subsequent to conducting research/testing, we found that ‘Futurus’ (future in Latin) was a strong brand name that would be perceived positively within the Change Management industry.

We advised removing ‘people consulting’ as it could create the perception that the business is involved in ‘talent acquisition’ or ‘recruitment consulting’. This is not what the company is to be synonymous for. It was important to note that the brand’s scope is broader than ‘people’, it is ‘organisational behaviour’ i.e. the whole operating system, much more than a functional HR system.

Also, when competing or partnering with multinational professional services & management firms, the brand needed to look and sound international. One word brand names are powerful in this sector.

Brand Categorisation

Organisational Change Management (OCM) is correct categorisation for Futurus’ brand, as OCM deals with frameworks for managing the effect of new business processes, changes in organisational structure or cultural changes within an enterprise. Simply put, OCM addresses the people side of change management. It is also recognised worldwide; global management houses are using OCM in seeking consulting positions in this space.

Brand Vision


To be recognised as experts in engaging people when effecting organisational change within SMEs and MNCs globally.

Brand Identity Design

Murmuration Concept

Delivering change within an organisation is a complex process. A company is a living breathing social system with many moving parts. Futurus have the skills, experience and know-how to make sense of the chaos and help clients achieve their business goals. In nature, there is a phenomenon called murmuration. Flocks of starlings come together and move in sequence creating beautiful, breathtaking shapes in the sky.

Scientists think they do this for a number of reasons, chief among them to exchange information and for protection from predators.  The starling is significant in Celtic culture. The Irish for ‘starling’ is druid and the starling is known as the bird of the druids. Druids were Celtic priests, magicians and soothsayers – foretellers of the future. We created a motif based on 2 of the starlings from the murmuration to represent Joe and Neville, soothsayers in their own right with the ability to help clients envision their future clearly and realise their business strategy / achieve optimal business outcomes.  

Starling Motif  

The motif shows 2 stylised starlings at different depths of field. The composition of our starlings is reminiscent of an inverted ‘F’ for Futurus. From this motif we created a murmuration reflecting the movement and change that takes place within a company during the engagement process with Futurus.

Brand Activation

Marketing Solutions Delivered

Brand Strategy 

  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Strategic Brand Workshop
  • Brand Name
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Vision
  • Website: Brand Advisory

Brand Design 

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Identity Guidelines
  • Brand Collateral

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