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Our multi-category experience within the food sector gives us a diverse understanding of international market trends and customer insights. We successfully launched products in the food for special medical purposes (FSMP) market, repositioned one of Ireland’s largest food ingredients manufacturers and accelerated growth for a long-established fresh food distributor.

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Client Testimonials

Mark Keller, Head of Sales and Marketing, Dairygold Food Ingredients

“As marketing visionaries, it was very clear that Frawley understood what was required in bringing a number of entities under one brand vision. They clearly understood the goals and the values of the organisation which is now reflected in the Dairygold brand. The development of the Dairygold Brand has been part of a journey that has been very beneficial and we are very pleased with the result.”

Paul Gough, Founding Director, Nualtra

“I engaged the services of Tony Frawley and his team at Frawley to help me guide Nualtra from startup idea all the way through to launch. They have played a key role in building the Nualtra brand where they controlled focus groups and conducted market research with key decision makers in the pharmaceutical industry whose feedback really directed how we entered the market and how our products looked compared to competitors. They were instrumental in gearing up for launch, and obviously done a great job as we have been shortlisted for best health campaign in Ireland. Whether you want help with strategy, sales and marketing initiatives or just simple advice Frawley is your best choice by far. One of Tony’s great strengths that I admire is that if he thinks you are wrong he will tell you. This is a brilliant attribute because if you are not challenged your business will not grow. I have no doubt Frawley could help any business in Ireland reach their potential.”

Pat Twomey, Director, Twomeys Bakery

“As a result of working with Frawley, I am happy to report that sales have increased by 15% over the last 12 months.”

Sandra Fleming, Sales Co-Ordinator, Richardsons

“Through strategic workshops, Frawley understood that our brand’s real differentiator lay in rediscovering our grass roots story. Our unique positioning of provenance and passion for fresh produce speaks true to our brand’s essence and is something our competitor’s cannot say. As branding consultants, their strategic approach helped us identify future opportunities for our business, we were reassured when we saw their creative solutions were paired with a commercial understanding of our business and the marketplace we operate in. Our people feel confident in standing behind a revitalised brand identity and in using compelling messaging that is simple, honest and powerful.”

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