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Our strategists analyse and evaluate the branding, marketing performance and marketing strategy of your business. By extracting key insights from market data and trends, we offer expert recommendations on how you can revitalise your brand.

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Our seasoned strategists are vastly experienced in conducting audits that track your brands current performance against business goals and analyse how your strategic positioning stands up against the competition. By unearthing key insights, our auditing process shines a light on opportunity and alerts you where you’re going off track.

We commence each project by discovering how your market talks about and ultimately perceives your brand. This seminal stage involves customer, market and competitor research & analysis. Our strategists’ investigative approach uncovers telling attitudes and perceptions of your brand’s image and offering; these key insights inform your marketing’s strategic approach. 

Before strategically positioning your brand, we must first divide your market into relevant segments and hone in on your ideal target customer. Once our strategists are clear on which segments are profitable, aligned with your values and have a high customer lifetime value, we begin developing customer profiles that will inform who this brand needs to attract.

Through market and customer research analysis, our strategists uncover your business’ unique differentiators and develop strategic positioning that is distinct from your competitors. Our positioning process ensures your business, product or service occupies a distinguished space in the minds of your target customers.

A name is the most crucial branding decision to get right, it can make or break a company, product or service and if you’re explaining, you’re losing. Using our unique naming process, our marketing strategists skilfully distill and interpret key insights to deliver a congruent name that is meaningful, memorable and one that strategically aligns with your business objectives.

We articulate key messages that resonate with your team & customers and influence their behaviour. Our messaging process clarifies effective value propositions and associated messaging that will be communicated across all relevant touch points in your brand’s unique tone of voice.

Storyboarding is an important tool for visually scripting your brand narrative. Whether you’re producing a video for a company rebrand or a new product launch, the storyboard is an essential component of the pre-production process. Our strategists are adept at ensuring your story flows with the correct messaging and the most impactful sequence of shots.

Brand structures can be complex and dynamic. Occasionally your organisation may need to simplify and restructure its corporate and master brands due to business restructuring or a shifting brand portfolio due to merger or acquisition. Our strategic expertise in constructing successful brand architectures maximises your company’s brand equity.

Your brand’s vision is its guiding image of success and your brand’s purpose is its everyday goal. Our strategic visualisation process takes a business out of the short term and focuses it on the long term. Simply put, our strategists focus your brand on where it needs to aim itself, remind your company why it exists and unearth core values that are inherent in your people.

A compelling Unique Selling Proposition influences your target market’s decision making process by identifying their unmet needs and fulfilling them with your brand’s unique difference. Our experienced team craft an indisputable USP that compels target clients to choose your brand over the competition.

Once we understand what your brand is and what it can never be, we can begin to create honest marketing messages that will resonate with your customers – because they reflect the Brand’s Truth. Distilling the human traits and characteristics of your brand enables you to create a meaningful connection with your ideal customers.

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