UL Student Life is ranked No. 1 student body in Ireland


Frawley Branding would like to congratulate UL Student Life for their results in the 2018 survey for international students entitled, ‘I Graduate Survey’.

The survey involved feedback from 194,223 international students including 49,026 from the UK and Ireland, 5,598 from Ireland and 394 from UL. UL Student Life ranked 1st in the world for the following categories:

  • Arrival Category
  • Social Activities Category

UL Student Life ranked 1st in Ireland and 2nd in UK & Ireland (out of 51 universities) and 9th in the world for the following:


  • Support Category

2018 Rebrand

In 2018, Frawley Branding rebranded UL Student Union (ULSU) to UL Student Life; differentiating the organisation from Irish and International student bodies.

The organisation’s vision is to be a world-renowned trailblazing students’ body recognised for championing students and delivering the best university life experience. UL Student Life will be known as the home for students, where they are part of a pack, giving them a real sense of belonging.

The organisation’s positioning message ‘Belong to the Pack’ creates a sense of belonging and connects students to the brand. 

Frawley Branding wishes everyone at UL Student Life continued success into the future.

“We have commissioned Frawley Branding to do a few linked pieces of work over the last 12-18 months ranging from brand research and development, website development, to communications strategy and we are extremely happy with the results. It was an initial piece of research to see how we could increase engagement, grow our retail and build on our brand. Based on this research, consultation and a series of very interesting and engaging workshops we are about to re-launch ourselves with a new identity and it’s supported by a very exciting marketing communications strategy devised and developed for us by Frawley Branding.

At all times they worked closely with us and our distinct stakeholders in a university and student setting, a challenge they rose to extremely well. They worked within our budget constraints and their personal attention and detail at all times is flawless. They give themselves to the work which is fantastic given I know how busy they are, growing and developing their own business, it’s obvious every client matters! I highly recommend them and I am very excited to continue our working relationship over the coming years with Frawley Branding as we grow and develop ourselves as a student representation organisation.” Martin Ryan, General Manager, UL Student Life


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