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Client Testimonial

William Ryan, Editor & Publisher

The Limerick Post have been working with Frawley for a few months now. And we could not be happier with the results. They have given us an entirely new way of looking at how we should be marketing ourselves. A massive part of our business is helping other companies with their marketing and Tony helped us follow our own advice better. Allowing us to see things from outside our own office. When I met Tony I had a list of things I wanted to achieve. Frawley have moved through that list with ease. Giving us solutions to problems from a completely different perspective. We now see the Frawley team as part of our own team.

The Background


The Limerick Post was established in 1986 and remains the only locally owned newspaper in Limerick. The newspaper prints 50,000 copies every week and distributes circa 15,000 copies door to door throughout Limerick City, County and beyond. The Limerick Post is also available online, delivering the latest news through its website and social media channels available on desktop, tablet and mobile formats.

The Brief


We were challenged with the following brand strategy and design objectives:

1. To strategically position the brand 

2. Redesign the brand identity to incorporate the new positioning message, in its various formats.

3. Identify the brand’s differentiators and devise clear and consistent messaging to be used across all touchpoints

4. Devise and implement strategic brand initiatives 

Brand Positioning


Positioning Message 


Keeping Limerick Posted



Historically, the word ‘post’ means ‘to bring to public notice by or as by a poster or bill’ or in today’s information age as, ‘a piece of writing, image, or other item of content published online, typically on a blog or social media website or application”.

As both a digital and printed free weekly newspaper, ‘posting’ local news stories and a client’s message directly to the people in Limerick is what The Limerick Post is synonymous for, it’s in the name.

The Oxford definition of ‘keep someone posted’ is to ‘keep someone informed of the latest developments or news’. Client research has shown that clients feel that The Limerick Post has their finger on the pulse of what’s happening locally in Limerick City and County.


Brand Development

Visual Identity

Both ‘Limerick’ and ‘Post’ are set in Flama bold. We edited the ‘t’ in Post, removing the left side of the cross stroke as the angles of the original cross stroke did not sit well beside the curves of the ‘s’. We extended the right side cross stroke and terminal to balance the character width.

The kerning in ‘Post’ was adjusted to create an improved sense of balance between the characters. We chose Asap Bold Italic for the positioning statement. It is friendly and modern and sits well with the condensed san serif.

Signature Colour

The Limerick Post blue is Pantone 300c, printed and screen applications of this signature colour match as closely as possible. The Limerick Post will immediately come to mind when readers see the signature blue.

Brand Activation

Solutions Delivered

Brand Strategy


  • Client interviews
  • Strategic brand workshop
  • Customer segmentation & profiling
  • Market research & analysis
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand vision
  • Brand personality
  • Strategic Brand Advisory

Brand Design


  • Brand identity refresh
  • Brand identity guidelines
  • Website Design Advisory
  • Stationery Design
  • Key Messaging
  • Presentation templates

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