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Client Testimonial


Mark Stockil, Managing Director


Over the past two years we had been thinking of re energising our business and looking at how QMOne Limited could move on to the next step in delivering a high-quality service to our clients. In a chance meeting with Tony Frawley, he gave us some great insight without any knowledge that we were about to embark on a rebranding and marketing project.  In many ways this chance meeting was the final impetus we needed to progress our change.

A few weeks later we contacted Tony and other companies offering a similar service for a discussion and a quote. Frawley Branding stood out from the competition.  They made an effort to understand what we needed and gave a detailed proposal and a clear operating model to arrive at a final positioning brand. We believe that it is really important to select a partner who you can trust and sometimes this happens based on first impressions.  This was the case with Frawley Branding.

At each step they helped us understand what was happening and how a change would occur. They never failed to take on board our thoughts and yet guided us in a clear direction that we would never have developed ourselves.

Tony and his team Kieran, Emma and Mandy delivered above and beyond what we expected. We have a new logo and brand identity. They took our core values and embedded them in a brand we can easily relate to.  It was very important to us that we did not have to learn a new “sales pitch” or be pushed to do anything we could not believe in. The real success for us has been changing a huge amount without changing our ethos. Words we use everyday are now just positioned to the fore.

Our clients, who were also part of the support in achieving the new brand, have been very complimentary of the finished product.

Tony and his team delivered on time, they were always available to us on phone, e-mail or skype.  They are a very friendly cohesive team, and this was noticeable in all dealings with them. The project never seemed laborious.  

They are passionate about their work and we could not recommend them highly enough.

The Background


Stockil Continuous Improvement are multidisciplinary, CI Specialists based in Ireland who educate and empower people to achieve operational effectiveness within their organisations.

The Brief


Our brief was to engage in internal stakeholder and market research to ascertain key insights that would inform the company’s brand strategy. Strategic recommendations included brand naming & categorisation, brand positioning, brand vision and brand identity, guidelines and touchpoint design.

    Brand Strategy

    Brand Research & Analysis

    Client and customer research reveal the following brand insights:


    • ‘QMOne’ name: Doesn’t resonate or reflect what they do, It is not known, People have identified and trust the ‘Stockil’ name, the brand is Mark Stockil.
    • Educator: knowledgeable, blending industry experience with theoretical understanding.
    • Not ‘trainers’: experts who have learned how to train people.
    • Lives and breathes it: Mark is passionate and has a genuine interest in what he delivers. He is a calm, level headed and educated outsider
    • Practical: real application, hands-on, project driven.
    • Empowering: QMOne educates you to do things yourself, self sustaining i.e. to achieve mastery.

    Brand Positioning


    Positioning Message 

    Educate Empower Achieve



    Educate: We impart CI knowledge in a practical way our clients understand.

    Empower: By working on live projects, we help empower people within their organisation to have the authority to make a measurable impact

    Achieve: Enabled with a CI qualification, tools and know-how, people return to their organisations with the capability to deliver results.

    Brand Vision 

    To be recognised in Ireland as the Continuous Improvement Educators who empower people to achieve operational effectiveness within their organisations.


    Brand Development


    Client research demonstrated a high level of brand equity built up in the ‘Stockil’ name in contrast to ‘QMOne’ and to many clients, the brand is Mark. One client noted how “people have gotten to know Mark’s name and being an unusual name, people have seemed to kind of gauge onto that one” for Continuous Improvement services.

    The use of ‘Continuous Improvement’ in the name is correct categorisation; ‘CI’ is recognised as the industry standard umbrella term for the services Stockil provides.

    Brand Identity Design

    Stockil Continuous Improvement don’t just train, they educate people, empowering them with the knowledge and skill-set necessary to achieve operational effectiveness.

    Armed with a CI qualification, tools and know-how, participants are set on an upward trajectory of success capable of achieving positive results for their organisation.

    Embedded the logo, we see the trajectory forming in the ‘c’ and flowing through the ‘k’ to its zenith on the dot of the ‘i’. This is also a nod to the connection between the ‘c’ and ‘i’ of Continuous Improvement.

    Colour Palette:

    Blue – trust, dependability, logic, communication

    Orange – confidence, courage, friendliness, innovation, energy


    Bespoke letterforms, based on a strong, substantial san serif typeface, form the basis of the logotype. A dynamic curved trajectory is incorporated completing the logo.

    Brand Activation


    Marketing Collateral 

    Exhibition Graphics and Presentation Template

    Branding Solutions Delivered

    Brand Strategy


    • Market Research & Analysis
    • Customer Interviews
    • Strategic Brand Workshop
    • Customer Segmentation & Profiling
    • Brand Naming 
    • Brand Positioning
    • Brand Vision

    Brand Design


    • Brand Naming
    • The Brand Identity Design
    • Brand Guidelines
    • Brand Personality
    • Brand Truths
    • Marketing Collateral
    • Exhibition Graphics
    • Website Design Advisory

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