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Client Testimonial

Fergal McNamara, Partner

“We have engaged with Frawley over a number of years on our brand strategy and implementation. I can only say they are exceptional at what they do. From the outset of any project they listen to our needs and deliver at every turn, no matter how many times we challenged them by changing our view, the team stayed the course, they are a breath of fresh air.”



Hogan Dowling McNamara is a Limerick Solicitors practice established in 2010 by highly ambitious and experienced solicitors, conveniently located at Castletroy House, Dublin Road. The firm offers business and personal legal services including accident and injury claims, property transactions and commercial advice to clients in Limerick and throughout Ireland. Their positioning message ‘LEGALLY SPEAKING, WE’RE DIFFERENT’ defines the firm’s ‘why’ and what the partners fundamentally believe in. 

This was tied in with a new brand identity, illustrating a sense of vibrancy and energy. The colours utilised are not stereotypical of a law firm. The marketing strategy outlined how to activate the new branding across all touch points including a new website, stationery, documentation, social media and signage.

The Brief 

Our brief was to address the following brand objectives:  


  • Differentiate the firm from the competition
  • Develop a brand in line with the firms personality and beliefs
  • Design a modern looking brand identity
  • Develop a core message
  • Develop and implement a marketing strategy to help drive growth

Brand Positioning


Hogan Dowling McNamara Solicitors were very conscious of how solicitors can be perceived. They wanted to position themselves to meet the objectives for their clients into the future. Inspired by the word (re)defined which is to reposition or extend the boundaries of, we carefully considered the pros and cons of using such a statement.

We identified a number of key words and phrases their clients consistently used when describing the firm.

  • Accessible & responsive
  • Provide a transparent fee structure
  • Take a personal approach in dealing with their clients
  • Crystal clear in all communications

Whilst it does address the brief we had to consider the fact that it could be interpreted that Hogan Dowling McNamara are actually changing the legal system. To address this notion and to keep the positioning statement intact we have tweaked it to the following statement:





Why We’re Different – P.A.C.T

Our clients have the unique benefit of our partner-led approach. We are hands-on and proactive at solving problems and dealing with clients’ instructions. We directly represent our clients and deliver high-quality advice and results. Our combined experience is complimented by our team’s individual areas of expertise. We offer expert, quick, cost-effective legal solutions to clients.

Personal Touch

We regularly stay in touch with our clients and update them on legal issues that may effect their cases. We do so through our blogs and articles on our website and our e-zines/e-bulletins. We don’t want clients to be left in the dark about information that matters to them and their cases. Delivering a comprehensive, bespoke service to our clients is important to us.

Accessible and Responsive

Building professional relationships with our clients is a vital part of how we do business. We have a reputation for an open door policy. We encourage clients to collaborate with us and discuss their queries or concerns. By being accessible, we appease clients’ concerns and offer professional, practical advice without unnecessary delays. This allows us to represent clients and their interests to the best of our abilities.

Clarity in all Communications

We communicate clearly and openly with our clients throughout their cases. We keep them informed of progress and new legal developments. We encourage clients to pick up the phone or drop us an email if they wish to speak to us about any aspect of their cases. Open lines of communication are a key part of our legal service.

Transparent Fee Structure

We provide a legal service with no hidden costs. We are upfront with our clients on the legal costs, third-party fees and outlays associated with their cases. We do not believe in excessive legal fees acting as a barrier to legal action. We have a transparent fee structure. Our clients are fully aware of the exact services they are paying for. From the beginning, they know how much their case will cost.

Brand Identity Design

Using the positioning message as a reference point, we saw great potential in using ‘light refraction’ as a concept for this brand identity design. Refraction is the phenomenon of light being deflected when passing from one medium to another where it changes the perception of an object. Above the line you have the common perception of a solicitors firm whereas below the line, Hogan Dowling McNamara take a different approach – they are fundamentally changing the perception of how law should be practiced through their ethos, work practices and attitude in working with their clients.

Brand Activation


Once the branding component of the marketing strategy was complete, we were challenged to outline how to take the firm’s new branding and messaging was to be communicated to the market.



Website Development

Marketing Solutions Delivered


  • Customer interviews
  • Customer segmentation & profiling
  • Market research & analysis
  • Strategic brand workshop
  • Brand personality
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand communications strategy


  • Brand identity design
  • Brand identity guidelines
  • Website strategy, design & build
  • Videography and photography
  • Signage Full suite of stationery
  • Tender document templates eNewsletter

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