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Rebranding a Telecommunications and ICT Engineering Firm

Client Testimonial

Martin Gallagher, Operations Director

“Surecom are happy to confirm that we have recently rebranded. Through a very professional approach from Tony Frawley and his team at Frawley we have had a very positive experience as we were led through our rebranding process. We have been challenged as a company for growth and regard our new brand and our supporting service position as an essential for our future development. Many thanks and high recommendation to Tony and the Frawley team.”

The Background

Surecom Network Solutions is a multi-award- winning engineering firm based in Ireland and the UK. In 2016, the need for it to differentiate itself from its main competitors was growing, where their competitors had invested heavily in their brand, Surecom needed to develop a clear market positioning and brand identity.

Aligning Business Objectives with Strategy

Frawley were appointed to assist in aligning business objectives with their brand and marketing strategy. Understanding business goals, opportunities and areas that needed more investment or needed to be cut completely formed part of the discovery process. Internalising their marketing message to improve employee awareness and help customer engagement during the sales process would all add to growing sales.

Brand Vision

Ensuring the brand team members contributed to the development of the brand strategy through various workshops helped developing the Vision which falls in line with business strategy. And speaking with key customers gave us some clarity around some key differentiators.

Our vision is to be a market leader in the telecom and ICT networking sector in Ireland and the UK. We will drive sustainable growth by fostering relationships with our clients who entrust us with their projects and deliver on what we promise every time.

Brand Identity Design

Positioning The Brand 

It’s such a simple message, but so many companies fail at doing it – being true to your word and delivering on what you promise is fundamental in any business no matter what size. What we discovered during or research stage, was that Surecom’s reputation had been built over the past decade on trust, professionalism, reliability and technical excellence.

Values led

To give someone their word or to make a promise and see through on that promise in today’s ‘dog-eat- dog’ world is both commendable and noteworthy. Focusing on this, we developed the brand message and identity on a solid platform of trust and reliability that the business had built up over time and the three company values of Integrity, Quality and Reliability.

Branding Solutions Delivered

Brand Strategy

  • Customer interviews
  • Customer profiling
  • Competitor analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Strategic brand workshops
  • Brand vision
  • Brand personality
  • Brand truths

Brand Activation

  • Brand identity development
  • Brand identity rules & guidelines
  • Messaging workshop
  • Brand vision roadmap
  • Copywriting
  • Website strategy and design
  • Company corporate brochure




  • Signage across full company fleet and offices
  • Full suite of stationery
  • Suite of sales data sheets and product brochures
  • Workwear design and guidelines for usage

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