NEWS-METIS2020 Brand + Marketing Visionaries was delighted to be invited to our client Metis Life’s Inaugural Investment Conference in the Limerick Strand Hotel in September 2014. This was such a unique, fascinating and entertaining event.

The evening began with a reception in the lobby and a chance to meet some old and new faces. As we were ushered into the Shannon Suite, the grand scale of the event really hit home. Nearly 300 seats filled, a welcome pack at each seat, a large 100 inch screen portraying the message of the evening, red and blue lighting to match the branding and of course IRFU Head Coach, Joe Schmidt, being hounded for photos. This is when you realised that a great night laid in store!

Metis Life Director, Karl Daly, spoke passionately about the Metis Life brand. You can learn more about the brand here. Gary Connolly from iCubed spoke extremely well, with plenty of laughs thrown in, before Director Carl Widger poured his heart out about the Metis Life team and why they should be your financial planners. This was an event full of passion and you could really feel that, given the amount of hard work that Carl and Karl invest in Metis Life, their’s will be a great success story.

As Joe Schmidt took to the stage, he shared with us an insight into tactics, strategy, passion, hard work, emotions and intuition. It was an awe-inspiring speech that captivated every single person in the audience and on several occasions introduced parallels between strategy and tactics in rugby and financial planning. It was a truly inspiring 30 minutes that Joe shared with us and we wish Joe all the best both professionally and personally.

Then, with a surprise to many, a cherry on top was added. As Karl and Carl shared their many thanks to the audience, the Munster Rugby Supporters Club choir came in and sang four great songs. A finishing touch that had the crowd in rapturous applause and a wonderful end to a fantastic evening.

From 2020’s perspective, it was great to see all the hard work that we were involved in ahead of the night come to life but even better to see the beaming smiles on the faces of all the team in Metis Life who hosted such a hugely successful event. Congratulations Metis Life and we are looking forward to working with you on many more events in the years ahead!

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